For those who have come to this space by chance or on purpose, we bid you welcome
in the names of the Ancient Goddess and her consort, the Horned One. This space is sponsored by the Gardnerian Coven of Deepstar, and here you may find basic information about the Craft, as well as links to further resources and kindred craft groups.

What is a Gardnerian?

We who are called Gardnerian are children of the Wica. We trace our initiation and practice to Gerald B. Gardner (1884-1964) , who stumbled upon a Hereditary Coven practicing Witchcraft in England in the 1930's. Following his initiation into this coven, Gerald Gardner sought to bring to the public's attention the tenets, and ideas, of this dying faith. At the time of his initiation, the practice of Witchcraft was still illegal in England. With the reluctant permission of his initiator, Gardner began to write about Witchcraft to give voice to the teachings he had received and elucidate the ideas behind his experiences in the Craft. In the process, he sparked both revival and controversy. Revival because the time was right and the world ready to consider a religion with a multidimensional Goddess at its center. Controversy, because as a result of his work, others who had been practicing Witchcraft in the shadows came forward to agree or disagree with what he was articulating. And the esoteric world has not been the same since....
To the public, we have taken upon ourselves the name Gardnerian and define our Community as those who can both trace initiation directly back to Gerald Gardner –- Woman to Man, and Man to Woman -- and use the same rituals and teachings provided to Gardner from the coven within which he was initiated.


Our Coven was founded in 1972 by three members of the Long Island Coven who hived to form the first Gardnerian Coven in southern New Jersey. Our group was dormant for some time, following the death of the High Priest who established the group and the retirement of the High Priestess.

With the blessing and support of our founding High Priestess, we began formally meeting again as Deepstar in early 2011. Our group currently consists of individuals with many decades of experience in the Craft (a gentle way of saying that we are getting old).

The Gardnerian practice of witchcraft is wide and deep. It is rooted in the land, and we hold reverence for all Life. We commune with the spirits of place, and honor those who have gone before. Our God and Goddess connect us to the Land beneath our feet, to the Underworld, to the Planets and Stars above, to the Mysteries of the ancient world, and to Lore and Craft -- little valued by mainstream culture. Each Coven is a unique blend of talent and interests.

Hands Across the Pond

We have been priveleged to maintain contact with one of Gardner's High Priestesses, Patricia Crowther. Her sharing of information has greatly expanded our knowledge and understanding of the Craft as practiced in the UK at the many significant folk and archeological sites there. Ms Crowther has most generously chosen to share her original audio creations with us, asking that we openly distribute them to seekers on the path to the Olde Religion. You will find more information about these recordings on the "Zodiac Experience" link below. Share them in good faith and encourage others to do so; however, the tenets of love and trust shall hold true here, as these freely shared gems are not be exchanged for monetary gain.

Gardnerian Training

Training to be initiated into a Gardnerian Coven is a long process which lasts a minimum of a year and a day. Often the process is longer to allow the student to get to know the coven members, and for the Coven to evaluate the student. We do not initiate in haste as “fit” is most important for all involved. This evaluation period allows the prospective member to learn about our basic Lore and Practice. The time allows the student to question, test, and integrate what has been learned into their personal lives. At the conclusion of this period, the student may request initiation, or may find that our path is not for them. We are happy to assist seekers to obtain linkage to a group which may be a better fit for them. Gardnerian groups never proselytize. A seeker must request both training and initiation. For younger seekers reading this: anyone who is under 18 years of age will not be accepted to start the training process.

For those who have been looking for a spiritual path, who have experienced different esoteric groups, and are examining Gardnerian practice; we advise an open mind. The more experienced seeker will find that there are beliefs which need to be unlearned as well as new material to assimilate. In other words, the way you think things are may not be the way they really are at all....

Blessed Be!

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